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We have total 3 factories, 6 production lines capacity within China : 

1. TONGLIAO AOXIN Chemical Co., Ltd. (since 2014)have 2 Mannheim lines. Plus a granular production line to produce granular at the same time. The 3rd line is in progress planned for powders production. 

2. CHIFENG AOXIN Chemical - the 2nd factory(since 2016) - has 2 Mannheim production lines producing varies sizes of H2SO4 powders only. 

3. DALIAN BOER the 3rd factory (since 2011) – is located in Dalian which produce both powders and granular, it have 2 Mannheim productions lines.

The HCL/Hydrochloric acid was known as a by- product when of Mannheim technology to produce Potassium Sulphate, we are stable supplier for MEIHUA Group which is a sizable and famous listed company in China, Tongliao Aoxin had a Hydrochloric acid capacity of 3,000 tons per month. Total capacity 6,000 tons per month. 
Tongliao Aoxin Chemical Co., Ltd. is a private factory focused on producing Potassium Sulphate.



  +86–136 54197610
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